Just wanted to send a quick thank you note for all the great insights you provided last week. To be quite honest, I was a bit lost. But now that I have my 5 year action plan, I’m confident that I will succeed. Thank you for all your help!! You are a blessing.

Onkar, BC

Peter Kinch’s 5 year planning workshop is one of the most worthwhile things my partner and I have ever done. The information he shares and the planning process itself are outstanding Great value, highly recommended. Thanks for helping us newbies get started


Mary and I are thrilled to have been a part of your 5 year workshop yesterday. We both definitely left last night with a much more clear perceptive and although your intentions were not to motivate us we sure felt motivated! Thanks again Peter and we both look forward to a profitable relationship.

Andrei and Mary, BC

We want to express our appreciation for you and your giving of your time to include us in your 5 year Goal planning workshop. The evening proved to be a most valuable one for us. We have been motivated by Don Campbell’s book Real Estate Investing in Canada and become Rein members, but the nuts and bolts and the “just how do you do it ” all came together for us last evening. We now clearly see the big picture and have come to understand just what it’s going to take for us to become successful real estate investors. Despite our limited financial resources and the obvious obstacles that will come our way, we came away from the evening telling each other WE CAN DO THIS. Thank you for challenging us to be realistic and look at our reality and then reminding us to stay true, to stay focused on that goal…the end result, the lifestyle choice that we have envisioned for ourselves and our family .Thank you so much.

Brian and Beverly, BC

The five year plan was a great learning experience for me and well worth my time. Peter was able to demonstrate the money and doors required to achieve your 5 year plan in a systematic format. I am still playing with the numbers and have a greater understanding of what I need to do to move forward. Thank you once again

Mary Ann, BC

Peter is amazing! His extensive experience and creative approach to mortgage financing has earned him many awards and accolades over the years, and yet he’s down to earth and easy to talk to one on one! Whether you’re a first time Buyer or a seasoned investor you’ll appreciate Peter’s guidance and knowledge!

Monet, Port Moody, BC